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    Team Introduction | Jill Land

    Meet Jill, guys!

    Jill Land has been with The Brady Blackmon Team for just over a year. A diligent worker and the most fun teammate, we’re so glad to have Jill on our side.
    Here are some Jill facts!

    Who lives at your house, Jill?
    1 Ben, 1 Ella, 1 Eva, 1 Eli, 4 dogs, 2 goats, 1 pig, 1 cat, 4 guineas, and some chickens!

    What’s the most important room in a house?
    …The bathroom. If it wasn’t there, I would die!

    Jill’s had lots of Harris County and Pine Mountain clients, so if you’re interested in getting up that way- she’s your girl. No matter where you want to settle, if you haven’t had the pleasure of spending time with Jill Land you must make it happen! She is guaranteed to lift your spirits and work tirelessly to find you your dream home and dream deal.

    📸: @jennaallen 

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