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    BoTW | The Gift Shop at The Columbus Museum

    Hey, y’all! Today we’re spotlighting one of our favorite spots, The Gift Shop at The Columbus Museum. We caught up with the manager, Brooke Starling, to see what’s new at the store!

    What’s special about the gift shop?
    We strive to bring a unique flair to the shop by adding local artists. We feature anywhere from 10 to 15 local artists at any one time in the shop. The product consists of jewelry, hand-poured candles, textiles, hand-blown glass, and so much more. We also like to carry products related to our current exhibitions!
    One of our most exciting new additions is our collaboration with Columbus native Martha Clippinger. Together we chose one of her pieces to gesture on a Columbus Museum t-shirt.

    What do you love most about being apart of Midtown?
    This is such a fun and vibrant part of Columbus, we are fortunate to call it home.

    What’s next for your business?
    Our one day sale on June 13th! It will be set up in a sidewalk sale fashion. We will have refreshments and sales throughout the shop and lobby. You do not want to miss it!

    Favorite meal in the city?
    Columbus has such an awesome variety of locally owned restaurants, it’s so hard to choose just one! Mabella’s would have to be my go-to favorite. The atmosphere is wonderful and the menu never disappoints!

    Favorite house in the area?
    The Wynn House is so lovely! I am lucky to work across the street, I can admire it every day!

    Support our museum and local artists, go see Brooke and the gift shop volunteers and tell them The Brady Blackmon Team sent you!

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