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    BoTW | The Bottle Shop

    This week’s BoTW is our favorite place to get great wine, craft beer, and sassy cocktail napkins, The Bottle Shop! We caught up with the owner, Miles Jordan, to get more info on this super fun corner of our community.

    1. What’s special about The Bottle Shop?
    Our selection, attention to detail and knowledgeable staff.

    2. Why did you choose North Columbus?
    We fell in love with the building; really there is so much great progress being made in NoCo.

    3. What’s coming up for your business?
    Boring answer but we are continually educating ourselves on products and training our staff to better help our customers.

    4. Favorite meal in the city?
    Hate to give this secret out but grilled chicken fingers from Ezells with maybe a hushpuppy or two!

    5. If you could live (or have a drink 😘) in any house in our area, which house would it be?
    The St. Elmo House on 18th.

    Whether it’s a birthday, Game Day, or any day at all, The Brady Blackmon Team loves @thebottleshopga !

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