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    BoTW | Rocket Fizz

    It’s Business of the Week Time, guys! We were so excited about Rocket Fizz (@rocketfizzsouth) that we didn’t even wait until they were open to get in the door!
    What a fun little spot and we have so enjoyed touching base with owners Branden and Jon who helped us answer a few questions to get to know their business better.

    1. What’s special about Rocket Fizz?
    We carry almost 500 types of glass bottle sodas, thousands of candies from across America (and the world) and toys/novelty items ranging from mood rings to whoopie cushions. Our store brings backs fond memories in some, creates fun new ones with others, and makes every member of a family smile–from the youngest to the oldest. That sure seems pretty special to us.

    2. Why did you decide on Uptown?
    We love the architecture and “vibe” of Uptown, but we also wanted a lot of leisurely family foot traffic.

    3. Has the community given you a warm welcome?
    The Columbus community has been amazing even from before we opened. Everyone we’ve interacted with–without exception–has been kind, friendly and even patient at times (like when Internet problems slowed down our registers). Treating people right is the cornerstone of how Branden and I do business and always has been. But to be on the receiving end of so MUCH warm, Southern hospitality by an entire community has been humbling, truly.

    4. Favorite meal in the city?
    Oh, man. This isn’t a fair question. We’ve been so dang busy we haven’t had time to try nearly as many places as we would like, but we do have some delicious options right on our block. Mr. Ed’s, Simple Greek, Nonic, Uptown Vietnam Cuisine–all have GREAT food and are incredibly nice people too!

    5. Favorite house in the area?
    The owner of the Rothschild-Pound House dropped by and introduced herself before we opened. As a result, my fiancé and I stayed there one night and it was truly beautiful.

    We’re so glad to have this delightful addition to Uptown!

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