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    BoTW | River Flow Yoga and Wellness

    We were lucky enough to stop into River Flow Yoga and Wellness last week to meet with owner Alee Link and find out a little more about this absolutely magical little corner of our universe!

    1. What’s special about RFY?
    Our constant goal with River Flow is to provide a space where you instantly feel at ease, comfortable, and nurtured as soon as you walk through the door. Everything we do is rooted in intention, from the incense, the welcoming faces, the living plants everywhere cleaning the air to provide the BEST opportunity to take a deep breath, the candle-lit alter, and of course the tradition of the yoga practice. From the beginning, I decided to forgo mirrors in the studio because I really wanted a break from the world of comparison (of thyself and/or others)- I always say, “I’m curious to explore how you FEEL in the poses, not what you look like.” At RFY, we believe in being raw, real, and authentic. We stand for non-judgment and equality. And we recognize that everyBODY is unbelievably unique with divine purpose. We strive to meet every being exactly where they are so they can use our sacred space for personal healing, growth, and expansion. The community that has formed around this concept has FAR exceeded my expectations and I am beyond grateful every single day for the powerful relationships formed and the profound connectivity of our limitless tribe!

    2. Why did you choose North Columbus?
    I was drawn to our space because it felt like we were surrounded by nature, yet convenient to the world of errands, home, and work for many of our clients. I love that in our space, I can take a moment outside in the natural world before teaching to step my feet onto the Earth and ground down before I go into the studio to offer guidance through a practice. This is hard to come by in more developed parts of town. The drive down River Rd to get to RFY always makes me feel like I’m escaping to a Nature Retreat outside of town.
    With that being said, we are excited to announce that we are, in fact, expanding and relocating at the end of this year- the new location is going to be epic and even more connected to the natural world. Stay tuned!

    3. What’s next for your business?
    We are now focusing deeply on our 200hr Yoga Teacher Training and look forward to offering MANY more in the future. Our next training will be July 14-28 at Elohee Retreat Center in the North Georgia Mountains. Our focus with this training as well as with everything we do at RFY is to learn to teach and live with profound intention, to connect with the breath like never before, and to use that connectivity to ignite & sustain a powerful relationship with the mighty world around us. I use Nature and Astrology as my guides to teach the ancient wisdom of this practice and have found it to be completely liberating and transformational for so many of our students.
    Also, as I mentioned, we are growing physically! In our new location, we will have 2 yoga studios and treatment rooms for services like reiki, acupuncture, and reflexology, to name a few- as well as an expanded boutique/tea lounge where you can expect to shop & sip with intention. We carry Ayurvedic products, supplements, tea, crystals, beautiful imports from India and Nepal, yoga apparel, and locally made candles.

    4. Favorite meal in the city?
    Anything from Bare Roots for sure! I also LOVE the spaghetti squash ragu from 7th Street Provisions.

    5. Favorite home in the whole world?
    Honestly, I adore the little sanctuary we’ve created in our own home, a Spanish Mission style house in Midtown Columbus, where we’ve transformed our yard into an actual farm, complete with raised beds, edible plants everywhere and even a mini vineyard- to see those green grapes thriving constantly blows my mind. Other than that, I love an oasis where the outside living space is truly magical- filled with nooks to explore and berries to eat- where the home is unique and full of character… A homeworld that has a story to tell, that feels alive and is completely vibrant.

    How incredibly lucky is this community to have something so special?! Have a great day, y’all!

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