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    BoTW | Ride on Smoothies

    When I said this week’s BoTW would hit a little close to home to last week’s, I really meant it! Happy Tuesday, y’all! Today, we’re thrilled to death to introduce you to Ride on Smoothie & Juice Bar– conveniently located inside Ride on Bikes in beautiful downtown Columbus. We ran into Tim, Boss of the Applesauce (or Juice, in this instance) and couldn’t resist the chance to shine a little light onto the freshest place in town.

    1. What’s special about Ride-on Smoothies?
    Everything here is all-natural and healthy. We make it quick and it’s just so good. We’re excited to bring that to Uptown.

    2. Speaking of, what do you love most about being part of Uptown?
    The tight-knit community and all the other local businesses and owners. Uptown works together for the greater good of the whole city.

    3. What’s next for Ride-on Smoothies?
    Well, we just opened a second location inside Max Fitness this year. It’s possible we’re eyeing other similar opportunities. Lots of fresh things are happening here.

    4. What’s your favorite meal?
    I love the Loft- they’re steak and goat cheeseburgers are amazing. I’m there way too often. ( @theloft is really on a roll with this question, am I right?!)

    5. What’s your favorite home?
    Does the Empire Building count? It isn’t very well known, but the views are incredible. I just moved in and I ride my bike to work every day. It’s amazing.

    Huge thanks to Tim and the smoothie shop for having us last week! You know the drill, guys- run into the shop and say hi to everyone for us and don’t forget to tell them The Brady Blackmon Team sent you. Cheers!

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