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    BoTW | Ride on Bikes

    Happy Tuesday, Team! We’re so excited to switch things up a bit this week and engage with our community in some healthy active lifestyle opportunities here in our area. Today, we stopped into Ride on Bikes in Uptown Columbus to check out the shop and see what these guys might be on to. Special thanks to sales associate Bruce Sellers for answering all of our questions!

    1. What’s special about Ride on Bikes?
    We’re so involved in this community. We work hard to improve the cycling community and want to make cycling safe and fun for all the people who ride on bikes. We especially take a lot of pride in getting kids on bikes. Getting them to burn their energy in a fun, healthy way. What a difference from all that screen time!

    2. What do you love most about Uptown?
    Uptown’s got energy. It’s so vibrant and exciting. And it really does bring the whole community together in one spot.

    3. What’s coming up at Ride-on?
    Every month we have a Full Moon Ride. It’s casual and social. We don’t go far, we just meet new people and make new friends. Every full moon of every month! The next one is August 15th.

    4. Favorite meal in town?
    The Loft’s Tanya Salad with Chicken and their triple threat chocolate cake is incredible. (This isn’t the first time the Tanya Salad has gotten a BoTW shout out! There must be something special there! @theloftcolumbus )

    5. Favorite home in the city?
    There’s a really special house on Summit Drive, you know the one with the copper. The landscaping there is exquisite.

    Huge thanks to Ride on Bikes for having us today. We’re so grateful for all of these connections and for all the incredible local businesses that make our community special. Run into the shop and say hi to everyone for us- two things! Don’t forget to pet the dogs and be sure to tell them The Brady Blackmon Team sent you! Keep your eyes peeled for our BoTW next week- it’s a little close to home for these guys!


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