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    BoTW | Plant Magic Medicine Shop

    We’re so excited to turn your attention to an Uptown Market Days vendor, Plant Magic Medicine Shop. Check out our interview with the owner, Olivia Hight!

    What’s special about Plant Magic Medicine Shop?
    At Plant Magic, everything is handcrafted and small-batch. Ingredients are carefully chosen to contribute to the wellness of your body and spirit.

    What do you love most about Market Days?
    I love meeting people every Saturday! I like talking to people about herbs and all things natural and I absolutely love hearing their stories of healing!

    What’s next for your business?
    So much! Looking into doing more natural body products and food, like cacao. We’ve also got The Holistic Expo coming up in August!
    Favorite meal in the city?
    Taste of India lunch buffet, hands down! YUM!

    Favorite house in the area?
    I can’t say for sure, but definitely something in Midtown!

    Good for the body and the spirit, Plant Magic is one of the coolest things happening in our community! Go say hi to her one of these beautiful Saturday mornings and tell her The Brady Blackmon Team sent you!

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