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    BoTW | Icey Girl & Co

    Today we’re spotlighting Columbus’ favorite sweet treat: Icey Girl & Co. We were all too happy to get out in this heat and meet up with Heather to grab a cold bite and see what’s going on at the coolest pink hut and picnic tables around!

    1. What’s special about Icey Girl & Co.?
    We offer hand-crafted shave ice with an amazing list of assorted flavors & unique combinations & toppings local only to Columbus- all wrapped up in an adorable eco- friendly take-out cup!!

    2. What do you love most about your Double Churches Road North Columbus location?
    When we purchased that hut- I had the vision to make it literally the coolest spot in town & I think we’ve accomplished just that! Plus, it’s both family-friendly & affordable!

    3. What’s coming up for your business?
    OHHHHH! That’s a big secret, but I’ll give you a hint… we’re going big! More details coming soon!!!

    4. What’s your favorite meal in the city?

    A meal’s probably too tough to say, but we do have a few favorite restaurants & they’re all local – The Blue Iguana, B. Merrell’s, Country’s BBQ & Midtown Coffee are just a few. Local supporting local!! 5. Favorite home in the city?
    My own, of course, in Overlook! It’s got a lot of history- one of the few in Columbus bought out of a Sears catalog! But we’ve completely updated it & made very modern!

    Y’all go see Heather and the girls to beat this Georgia summer heat!


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