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    BoTW | Dinglewood Pharmacy & Gifts

    Today we’re spotlighting Dinglewood Pharmacy and Gifts! We checked in with the owner, Terry Hurley, to see what’s happening at the coolest counter in MidTown!

    What’s special about Dinglewood?
    Being in our 101st year of serving MidTown, serving the 5th generation of Columbusites at the pharmacy and the soda fountain!

    What do you love most about being apart of Midtown?
    The stability and like-minded people. All the revitalization here as well.

    What’s next for your business?
    Our 101st anniversary is coming up and we’re getting ready to expand the gift department.

    Favorite meal in the city?
    Chicken livers from @countrysbbq !

    Favorite house in the area?
    Appropriately enough, it’s got to be the Dinglewood Mansion.

    Stop by soon for a world-famous scramble dog and tell them The Brady Blackmon Team sent you!

    PS Did you know that Dinglewood also carries Midland Ghost Pepper Sauce? Keep an eye out for their Business of the Week spotlight soon!

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