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    BoTW | Columbus Corner Bakery

    We were so excited to stop by Columbus Corner Bakery the other day and talk with longtime employee Tamara to find out a little more about this sweet little addition to our community!

    1. What’s special about CCB?
    We are a small place, so we believe in keeping things as close to homemade as possible! We also strive for the best with everything we do. We have a team like a family here and we all love what we do. There is a passion behind everything we make, and we believe that makes all the difference.

    2. What’s great about your location?
    It’s easy to access and convenient.

    3. What’s coming up for your business?
    Watch our Facebook and Instagram pages for specials!

    4. What’s your favorite meal in the city?
    You can never go wrong with our chicken salad croissant!

    5. What’s your favorite home in the city?
    The stone house on the corner of Hilton and 17th, affectionately known as “Al Who’s House”!

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