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    BoTW | Columbus Botanical Garden

    Happy Monday, guys!

    This week, we check in with the beautiful Columbus Botanical Garden and their new Executive Director, Stefan Bloodworth. What an awesome asset for our community!
    1. What’s special about Columbus Botanical Garden? The garden is a green refuge from the stresses and concerns of our everyday lives. Set in the middle of a busy suburban area, with schools, churches, restaurants and retail nearby, the Columbus Botanical Garden provides a place to relax with family, stroll through a quiet woodland, experience the bountiful world of edible gardening and be awed and inspired by the botanical diversity around you.

    2. What do you love most about your location? I love that we are across the street from an Elementary School (Blanchard). I’m very excited about building a strong relationship both at Blanchard and across Muscogee County Schools, and providing a fascinating outdoor classroom for students to learn about a variety of subjects.

    3. What’s coming up for y’all? This Fall and Winter will be full of new construction projects- a Georgia native wildflower garden, a Southeast Asian plant collection and a pollinator garden just to name a few.

    4. Favorite meal in the city? Volcano Pork Shank at Wicked Hen (@wickedhen ).

    5. Favorite home in the city? The historic Adams Farmhouse at the Columbus Botanical Garden
    Thanks so much to the gardens for having us out last week! We are so excited for for all the amazing work your doing! Y’all go by and say hello- tell them The Brady Blackmon Team sent you!+

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