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    BoTW | Cafe Motif

    Our Business of the Week this week is a fabulous brand new coffee shop in Old Town, Cafe Motif! This super modern and elevated space is an incredible addition to the beautiful Old Town development. We were so excited to come to see and sip at Motif and catch up with the owner, Jamie Arraya to get the scoop on the newest place to get your fix in town.

    1. What’s special about Cafe Motif?
    It is our mission to allow exceptional coffee to have center stage. For this reason we don’t serve syrups, this has been a bit different, but for the most part, when people come into our space they have indulged in the coffee experience and have left pleasantly surprised.

    2. What do you love most about Old Town?
    My particular customers. They help me to keep my barista skills sharp.

    3. How have you enjoyed your first week of business?
    It’s been a joy to serve people what I love, hear their expressions of appreciation and encouragement and learn from myself and my business. Couldn’t ask for a more complete beginning. We’re just getting started!

    4. Favorite Meal in the city?
    Braised Lamb Shank from @7thstreetprovisions

    5. Favorite home in town?
    A can do a modern farmhouse, like the ones here in @oldtowncolumbus

    Welcome to Columbus, Motif! Y’all run over there and give Jamie your support- tell him The Brady Blackmon Team sent you! ☕️


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