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    BoTW | Bodega 1205

    Business of the Week

    Happy Monday, guys! We were thrilled to go visit the new Bodega 1205 in Uptown last week. Here’s some news on the new digs!


    1. What’s special about Bodega 1205?
    Bodega is a restaurant that is developing itself around the people of Uptown Columbus. We are bringing the culinary culture of Latin America and introducing it the way we know how. But its a lot more than the food. Its the feeling, the commitment, the service; it is learning from our customers and our mistakes to make that experience a memorable one. Make every one a better one every time they come back. It is remembering what the customer liked and guiding them in the next visit to try something new from the special, something that we understand that they will fall in love with.

    2. What’s coming up next for your business?
    Newer menu, something that will expand our customers experience 😉

    3. What do you love most about being apart of Uptown?
    The warm feeling I get from my neighbors and customers, the respect that we get from the other restaurants. They really want us to succeed.

    4. Favorite meal in the city?
    Every restaurant has us hooked on something, there’s no way we can answer!

    5. Favorite home in the city?
    Ours. And by ours I mean the restaurant. Anywhere our Team is, that’s home to us! I couldn’t do it without our amazing staff.


    Uptown never fails to impress us! Get over there and tell them The Brady Blackmon Team sent you!

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