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    BoTW | Bloomers at Midtown

    Happy Day, Business of the Week Time! Bloomers at Midtown is such a precious gem. With two locations in Columbus, you will never be far from their expertise and selection! We have so enjoyed touching base with owner Val who helped us answer a few questions to get to know this cozy little corner of our universe!

    What’s special about Bloomers?
    Bloomers at Midtown is a garden oasis in the hustle and bustle of 13th St and 13th Ave. We have fabulous customers and our friendly, knowledgeable team make shopping with us an experience to remember. We carry a wide variety of healthy plants from azaleas to ZZs!

    Why did you decide on Midtown?
    Midtown location has been a nursery/garden center for decades and was the perfect space for Bloomers to grow. Midtown is growing fast and we are thrilled to be right in the middle of it!

    What’s next for your business?
    Come grow with us!  The next few months are an exciting time for Bloomers, with new plants, products, and services being introduced weekly. We hope to increase our foothold in the community as THE go-to garden center.

    Favorite meal in the city?
    I must say that my favorite meal in town is my next meal!  Anything fresh from the garden and in-season is the best……think summertime and tomato sandwich. YUM!

    Favorite house in the area?
    My favorite house in town is, hands down, the greenhouse at Bloomers! Where it is always warm, lush and inviting!

    We can’t wait for our next opportunity to stop in!

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